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OCI Toronto: The Untold Stories

As the supdawg days of summer slowly give way to autumn, law schools across the country fill with a palpable sense of foreboding. Representatives from Toronto firms will be rolling up to your school on their magic carpets, and you must remember one thing: never brush your teeth with your suit on. The first rule […]

Sundial – Eric

Just a random 6:07 pm thought, and a quick break from the Assignment to End All Assignments. When the sun gets to here: My top button & tie / sleeves go to here: Ok. Sarah J is in my office saying hello (well… goodbye, actually). She is leaving now for good (until next year). Bye […]

This is Goodbye…by Sarah J.

The end of an era…or a summer…or 15 weeks of practical experience at a Bay street law firm. As you’re editing cover letters and assembling application packages, you’re probably also wondering if you will ever be able to tell the difference between the 30 plus firms that you’re applying to. Eventually the firms, and their […]

A Night at the Races…by Chris S. (Guest Blawgger)

Last week for our final firm-funded social event the Cassels Brock summer student team headed to Woodbine Racetrack for an evening of good food and gambling. We had been given the opportunity to plan our own event and although there were several appealing options open to us, a night out watching the sport of kings […]

Tell Me Why…by Sarah J.

At Queen’s I’m dedicated to student recruitment and I try to take advantage of any opportunity to meet potential new law students and tell them about my experiences. After a busy, educational, and truly entertaining summer, it seems only fair to do the same thing for my employer. And so I give you: The Top […]